First impressions count: Our guide to community onboarding

Perfect your online community platform member onboarding experience with our simple guide. Experience a refreshing take on community platforms with Frond today

First impressions count: Our guide to community onboarding

Ready to welcome new members into your Frond community? Think of it like them stepping into a brand new city. It’s a thrilling experience, but a little guidance goes a long way in making the most of it. Getting your member onboarding right is like having the perfect city guide – it sets the tone for your whole community and turns it into an adventure everyone will remember.

At Frond, we've got this down to an art. Our online community platform makes the onboarding process a smooth ride, ensuring every new member lands on their feet, ready to dive into the fun. Here’s our complete guide to perfecting member onboarding in your Frond community:

  1. Map the member experience
  2. Create a welcoming first impression
  3. Facilitate personalized introductions
  4. Establish a dedicated welcome space
  5. Maintain ongoing engagement
  6. Roll out the welcome mat!

Let’s dive in! 🤿

Map the member experience 🗺️

Begin by envisioning the journey your new members will take. Imagine their first moments discovering your invitation and their journey towards becoming active, contributing members. This is where you set the tone for their entire experience. Think about the essence of your community - what message, feeling, and atmosphere do you want to convey right from the start?

With Frond, crafting this journey is simplified. Our intuitive online community platform turns navigating your online community into a walk in the park, guiding everyone to engage and connect with ease.

Create a welcoming first impression 🫂

Think about that first hello when someone new steps into your community. It's a big deal, right? That's where Frond's welcome post feature comes in super handy. It's like your community’s friendly wave or a high-five, prominently displayed at the top of the Home feed. This feature is a prime example of how an online community platform can foster a sense of belonging from the start.

Make sure this post really speaks to what your community is all about – whether fun and laid-back or more on the formal, focused side. It’s like your community giving a personal nod to each new member, making them feel seen and valued right off the bat.

So go ahead, make this post your community’s own style of ‘hello’ – warm, welcoming, and unmistakably you!

3. Facilitate personalized introductions 💬

Let's talk about what really makes our online community platform come to life – the people in it! With Frond’s new member introductions, every new member gets a nudge to introduce themselves, making their first post a little window into who they are. It's like having a casual 'get to know you' session right at the start.

You can tweak the prompt to make it more personal, maybe asking why they joined or what they’re passionate about. It's a great way to start weaving those personal threads that tie your community together.

4. Establish a dedicated welcome space 🤝

Think of Frond’s welcome group as your community's own cozy café corner - perfect for newbies to get the lay of the land. It’s the go-to spot on our platform where new members can get a feel for your online community, meet some welcoming faces, and gather all the essential info.

This space is every new member’s introduction to the community, where they get to kick back, relax, and start feeling like they’re part of the crew from the very first moment. And with their introduction posts appearing here too, it’s easy for everyone to give a warm and hearty welcome!

5. Maintain ongoing engagement 🗣️

Great onboarding doesn’t stop after saying hello. Keep the energy up by encouraging your established members to mingle with the new folks. Think of it as a host who keeps the party lively, introducing guests to each other and sparking interesting chats. Regular updates and check-ins can help keep everyone engaged and feeling valued.

6. Roll out the welcome mat 🎉

🎉 It's time to invite new members! The more the merrier.
Now that you’ve laid the groundwork for stellar online community platform onboarding, the next step is to bring in the crowd. Remember, a community is all about its members, and it's time to grow yours.

👉 How to invite new members:
Inviting members to your Frond community platform is simple. Share your unique community link with a broader audience or add members directly by entering their email addresses. Whether it’s a few key individuals or a larger crowd, getting them on board is just a few clicks away.

🔍 Need a helping hand?
If you're looking for some personalized guidance on setting up and growing your online community here on our platform, we can help! Book a call with the Frond team for one-on-one support. Whether it's fine-tuning your onboarding process or exploring advanced features, we’re ready to assist you every step of the way.

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